Invest in yourself to unlock your potential.

The world needs you.


Let’s figure out what’s holding you back from the clarity and confidence you crave.

A successful business requires an owner who is clear and confident—about her service offering and about herself.

With me as your coach you will get:

  • Someone who knows what you’re going through -I've done the journey myself

  • Believes in you and empower you to achieve your ambitions

  • Gives you valuable feedback and a fresh perspective

  • Help you clarify your goals

  • Is your creative partner and guide

To clear the roadblocks that are are standing in the way between you and

your success, invest in what will get you there; your mindset.

Ready to start changing your life? Trust you've chosen the right coach.

I schedule a no obligation 30 minute Breakthough Call.


Improve your language skills in a faster and effective way.

The coaching is tailored and created around your needs and industry nische.

In language coaching the coach help the coachee define and set their own goals. As a coach I apply learning techniques that best suit the individual.

I also help you prepare for foreign language challenges in a corporate environment.

As the goals are clear and owned by the coachee, the coachee will be more motivated.

Language coaching gives you:

  • Step by step learning process with coaching style conversations

  • Structured process where client and coach create own learning materials

  • Continued motivation, feedback and assessment

Language Coaching is available in Swedish.

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